All India Political Party Meet

The All India Political Parties Meet is a simulation of a large conference that aims to scrutinise the policies pertaining to the country. Needless to say, it comprises of the political parties of India. The issues deliberated on tend to be divisive in nature, which should come as no surprise owing to the rich and diverse tapestry that is India.


Discussing the possibility of a Uniform Civil Code

Country Matrix

Executive Board


Jishnu Mohan


Jishnu just finished his under grad from SRM University as a Computer Science engineer and is now working in an Ed-Tech company in Bangalore. He has been MUN ing for 3 years now and has debated in various committees including DISEC, UNHRC, AU, UNCSW, SC, AIPPM and Lok Sabha. He strongly believes that MUN is a great place to network and hone one's leadership abilities and Indian committees on top of it provide the perfect opportunity to look and understand the mess in our country and come up with solutions in a political manner for the same. Having worked in some non tech based organisations and start ups since his college days, he is of the opinion that packaging and management run the world. An avid football fan and a cold coffee addict, Jishnu can be found singing/ shouting You'll Never Walk Alone before every Liverpool game. As a co - Speaker of the AIPPM, he hopes to make the committee as interesting, productive and fun as possible.


Dhaval Mehta


Dhaval Mehta, is a 3rd year law student from NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law having a keen interest in politics, he believes that discourse in any form is the first step towards addressing the issue. As a MUNer, he is an extremely thorough researcher and will research anything and everything related or not related to the country or the agenda. With a special affinity towards committees with a legal question/background, Dhaval does not shy away from any committee, and has got a taste of most of them. He is an extremely dedicated moderator, and will do everything in his power to make sure that the experience of every delegate in the committee is an enriching one and is worth remembering.


Aditya Tripathi


Aditya Tripathi is a Second year Mechanical Engineering student at SRM University, Chennai. He has an experience of 32 MUNs both as an EB member and a delegate and brings with him a sense of tenacity on the table. He has never lost a single MUN. He started MUN career in 2010. He started debating in Youth Parliaments. He has a specialisation in ECOSOC and HRC. He has an inclination towards committees with economic battles such as ECOFIN or EU. Indian Politics has been his forte since long. He is a member of the BJP Youth Wing. Apart from MUNs, he has an interest in drama and theatre. He is a CS, Assassin's Creed fanatic and an avid reader with a collection of over 70 books. One Moto: What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.