Association of South East Asian Nations

The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) aims to promote the growth of the member nations in the economic, social, and cultural spheres. It stands to encourage the healthy cooperation that was established by the Founding Fathers: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. The ASEAN now has ten member states.


Addressing Rising Cyber security Issues in ASEAN member states

Country Matrix

Executive Board


Priya Subramanian


Priya is a final year Development Studies Major at IIT-Madras, with a particular interest in Political Theory and International Relations. To her, Model UN has always been a way to hone the skills she’ll need in the career in politics she envisions, and to put to test the knowledge she tends to pick up while reading whatever she can lay hands on. While Human Rights and Regional Bodies have always been her councils of choice, ASEAN presents what promises to be a unique and interesting challenge. Quick-witted, with talent in abundance and lethal with her pen and otherwise, Priya Subramanian runs her councils (and her life) by the wise words of Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord- "Are you a serious person? Because I only have time for people who are". For more Madam Secretary references, well-honed wit and sarcasm, and what promises to be fantastic debate, look no further than ASEAN.


Pranav Satish


Pranav Satish is a third year Civil engineering student whose passion lies in debating and MUNing. As a good leader he is influential enough to get others to follow him willingly. Pranav started debating at school, where he trained and attended a few tournaments. Winning at school levels encouraged him to take up debating in college, where he joined Debate Society, after which there was no turning back. Now as the board member of the same Society, he has had an exceptional debating career. He has attended several MUNs,has won them all so far and plans to keep this winning streak going. He has also made the cut to become a semi-finalist at the NALSAR PD. An avid debater a fervent film enthusiast, His hunger for good films and good food is insatiable as he takes pride in his collection of excellent movies, as well as identifying exquisite cuisines. In the spirit of his love for MUNs, he co-founded the MUN Society in VIT.


Ishita Malhotra


I'm currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering in second year from SRM University. Since my school time, I have been passionate about public speaking, debating, MUNing and writing. I believe MUNing has completely transformed me into what I am today, developing leadership, debating and all the pre-requisite professional skills! This has been evident from the wins in every college MUN I attended. I've also been awarded Full Tuition Fee Waiver Scholarship all throughout the Undergraduate Degree because of my inherent interest in writing.