African Union

The African Union (AU), in its inception, sought to weed out whatever remained of the seeds of apartheid and the clutches of colonisation. This committee celebrates the solidarity of all the African States. It takes upon itself to protect the freedom of its member states while integrating and stabilising the continent as a whole. Keeping in mind the many organs, AU shall be simulated as a Double Delegation.


Unconstitutional changes of Government and Popular uprisings in the region.

Country Matrix

Executive Board


Akshay Aravindan


From being an introverted 10th grade kid who was literally forced to attend his first MUN, Akshay has definitely come a long way and has become a familiar face in the Chennai Model UN circuit. Those of you who have been with him in council might identify him as that tall, overly emoting and overly gesticulating delegate who manages to sway council onto his side. A fourth year Mechanical Engineering student from SSN College of Engineering, Akshay is a veteran of over 20 MUNs as a delegate ,an executive board member and a member of the organizing committee. He has created a niche for himself by playing the antagonistic role in most committees. Akshay loves to experiment with various MUN councils and has been in around 10 different ones with Best delegate awards in most of them. Fondly known as Mr.493, Akshay is a strong believer in hard work and meticulousness as tools for perfection. Self proclaimed science and music buff. With the help of his trusted co-EB members, Akshay promises to make this conference one to remember.


Anand Subramanian


Although pursuing a course in ECE from SSN, Anand dabbles in more than just a monotonous academic life. Conversationalist par excellence, he can talk about anything from memes to well, more memes with a passion for reading books and lapping up political satire. An avid debater and MUNer right from school, he has competed mainly in committees focussed on regional security and human rights and won awards in many of them.


Prabal Chhibbar


Prabal Chhibbar, is pursuing his third year of engineering in Computer Science. Although he is a relatively newer name in the MUN circuit, his love for public speaking goes back to his school days. Apart from being an eloquent orator, he is also very articulate with his thoughts and pens them down every now and then as poetry. When not indulging himself in discussions and debates concerning the world, he can be found binging on psychological thrillers - movies, books and TV series alike. Born and brought up across the country, his love for travel and exploration reflects in his style of MUN-ing as his in-depth research and analysis covers every nook and corner of the problem at hand. Being a true blue computer engineer (in the making), he values logic and rational arguments over demagogues, and believes that the same is a mark of a true delegate. Even though he sometimes does use his smile as his persuasive weapon, don’t be fooled by his tall and lanky build as he has been known to finish an entire KFC triples bucket by himself, along with dessert. Known to be an affable and approachable person by his colleagues and juniors, you’ll be well within your comfort zone with him as the Director of the AU.