Council on Foreign Relations

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was born to serve as a repository to scholars who wished to join the debate surrounding the policies of the world. It is independent of the government and has helped shape several foreign policies of the United States of America. The contributions made by the CFR have been invaluable; after all, policies change the world.


The second coming of Asia.

Character Matrix

Executive Board


Soumyajyoti Bhattacharya

Co-Steering Board Member

Known as a connoisseur of the dark arts and occasionally a weirdo, Soumyajyoti is much more than that. When he's not working on building Skynet from his parent's basement, he's a nerdy socialite whose interests include tech, politics, philosophy and literature. With around 30 Model UN experiences under his belt, he's a known figure in the south and the eastern MUN circuit of this country, primarily for participating in different kinds of committees, from SC's to Bilderberg to the Press, with accolades in all of them and more. While he's on the Secretariat for SRMMUN a year back he's coming out of MUN retirement to be the Co-Chair for CFR at SRMMUN, a committee he's very excited about. We welcome him to SRMMUN 2018 and look forward to his eccentricities lighting up the event.


Karthi Kumar S

Co-Steering Board Member

Karthi is a final year Aeronautical Engineering student of KCG College of Technology and is part of the rare breed that would state the same with pride. As he crossed adolescence, he acquired a huge interest in debates(took a double take, didn't you?) and as he entered college, his choice of poison switched to MUNs. With a humorous debut at HYLC 2015, he has never looked back, participating in multiple coveted MUNs across the Nation ever since. Besides MUNs, Karthi participates in a plethora of activities from coding to gaming, from chess to quizzes, from blogging to technical projects and from Communism to.. just communism. He is rightfully a Jack of all trades and a master of none but as anyone who knows Karthi well could tell you, he's still better than a master of one.


Shashank Ravishankar


Conspiracy theorist, science fiction enthusiast, comic book geek, student of Mechanical Engineering (a decision he continues to regret), and introvert, one can often locate Shashank Ravishankar either sitting on his laptop playing the latest fps or talking about the effectiveness of George W Bush’s presidency to anyone who will care to listen. An avid debater and quizzer and with an experience of over 20 MUNs, most of them being SCs, Shashank has returned to serve on the Executive Board of SRMMUN as the Director of the Council on Foreign Relations.