United Nations General Assembly - Economic and Financial Committee

The Economic and Financial Affairs focusses on development in terms of the economy, and the primary aim, of course, stands to uproot poverty from all parts of the world.


Reviewing the implementation of the 'Second UN Decade for the Eradication of Poverty' and moving towards formulation of the 'Third UN Decade for the Eradication of Poverty: 2018-2027'

Country Matrix

Executive Board


Radhakrishnan V.


What comes to mind when you hear the name, “Mr. Radhakrishnan Venkataraman? Is it the “/\”, his emoji of choice and party symbol? Or is it his wide network of friends and fans? Radhakrishnan Venkataraman is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering at SSN College of Engineering, Chennai. His journey with MUNs started in ECOFIN at DPSMUN 2009 and has been composed of over 25 MUNs as delegate, member of the Executive Board and member of the Organising Committee. He served as the Secretary General of SSN MUN 2017. He completed his schooling in Dubai and was awarded the Sheikh Hamdan Award for the Distinguished Student by the government of UAE. He was also a quizzer and a national level debater. International Relations and Economics buff, avid reader of books and football fanatic – Radhakrishnan is back at SRM MUN 2018, to end it at the council where it all started.


Ansull Lakhotia


Currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy, Ansull Lakhotia has been an active participant in Model United Nations conferences for 5 years and is a veteran of over 35 conferences. A keen interest in world affairs, coupled with the desire to make a difference led him to MUN’s in 9th grade and there has been no looking back since. His passion for economics and belief that no discussion is ever complete without an economic perspective to it, soon made ECOSOC/ECOFIN his preferred councils at MUN, and he has done more than half his MUNs in various capacities in these councils. Besides MUNing and debating, Ansull is an ardent cricket fan and cannot tolerate a word being spoken against Rahul Dravid, his favourite cricketer. Without missing a single cricket match or latest Bollywood flick, he tries to strike the right balance between his academics, co-curricular activities and his hobbies. It is his firm belief that MUNs are an enjoyable way to gather knowledge about national and international developments and problems, while harnessing one’s analytical and public speaking skills.


Anirudh Ramanathan


A 3rd year B.Tech student in Mechanical Engineering student (though some question this decision of his) at SRM University, Kattankulathur, Anirudh Ramanathan has been a part of the Chennai circuit for a while now. His passion for debates and global geopolitics is only overshadowed by his love for aviation and economics. If you ever want to befriend him, just tag him in a dank meme, and you’ll be alright in his books.