United Nations Human Rights Council

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) vows to defend the basic rights of human beings. It strives to assess and ensure that life and its quality are valued under all circumstances. A war-zone or not, lives are always lost in the crossfire.


Assessing the Impact of Sanctions on the Enjoyment of Fundamental Human Rights.

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Executive Board


Vaivab Das


This member of the executive board has an excellent repertoire in the field of Model United Nations, especially in chairing councils that specialise in discussing human rights and their implications in a world that appears to be fast adopting an attitude of distaste towards the institution as a whole. Vaivab Das, with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and Society, is currently pursuing his master's degree at the School of Gender Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences. In past, he has worked extensively as the regional head of Young Leaders Consortium (India), an UNESCO affiliated youth organisation, a #HeForShe youth advocate, research analyst and served in all possible positions at more than 80 Model UN conferences across India in the last five years. An awarded student, Vaivab's interest ranges from world politics to education and gender policy formulation with intentions of working with the government of India in aforementioned fields.


Shivendra Singh


Shivendra Singh is a second year LL.B student from Jitendra Chauhan College of Law, having achieved his graduation and post graduation education in commerce from Mithibai College. Shivendra has been an avid debater from school and believes that platforms like debates and MUNs impart essential skills like spontaneity, eloquence and a temper for research. He is a firm believer that the character a delegate portrays in committee is critical to achieving success at MUNs. In committee, he will be glad to help you explore your full potential as delegates.


Vignesh Kannan


Vignesh Kannan is presently a 3rd year engineering student at SRM University Chennai. He has been doing MUNs for almost a year now and has experienced a wonderful journey.His expectations are that the delegates should be well researched, prepared to share knowle and come to the conclusion of ingenious ideas and implement them in the best possible way. He believes that MUN is a learning experience and a learning experience should always be fun.