Joint Crisis Committee Allies

The Joint Crisis Committee (JCC) is a simulation of the war cabinets of the Allies and the Axis Powers, during the Second World War. The Allies wished to defeat the Axis and establish peace, but did peace mean the same to the Axis? With three days to restore order, time is the common enemy.


The Phoney War

Character Matrix

Executive Board


Ayush R


Ayush R is a graduate from KCG College of Technology, Chennai, India with a Bachelors in Information Technology. With an unfathomable and profound interest in military affairs, specifically towards indigenous weapons systems, he is known across the Indian Model UN fraternity for his erudite understanding of military affairs and their implication on the geopolitical scenario. Currently working for InterMind Global, a supplementary educational enterprise based out of India, Ayush serves as the Associate and Head of Programs. He also had the privilege of winning an all expenses paid trip to Japan in the year 2015. He is a voracious reader, an avid gamer, a fitness enthusiast, a basketball player and an entrepreneur who has coincidentally never been spotted in the same room as the Batman.


Gowtham Srinivas


Gowtham Srinivas is an avid MUNner who has attended 40+ MUNs in 5 cities (Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Kochi) spanning all over India. He is a Political Science major and often comes across various topics that help keep him up to date on the current affairs of the world as well as agendas of MUNs. Gowtham particularly enjoys MUNs as it gives people a chance to constructively debate world problems and arrive at well-informed solutions. He also enjoys the sessions themselves, the small jokes, and the heated lobbying. His ideal MUN session includes no unnecessary interventions from delegates or the EB, smooth flow of debate, a strict following of procedure, and maintenance of decorum. He found his true calling as a MUNner during his 5th MUN when he realized the true competitive nature of MUNs. Since then, he has thrived to make himself the best MUNner he could be. Gowtham has played various roles in MUNs ranging from delegate to chairperson which gives him a well-rounded understanding of all the elements of a MUN. Being a predominantly Security Council and Crisis Committee delegate, he has also branched out into various other committees such as UNODC, SOCHUM, EU, ECOSOC, and GA to help him learn and grow as a MUNner.


Sabiq Ali Choudhary


Sabiq Ali Choudhary is a fourth year Electronics and Communications Engineering student at SRM University, Chennai. He has done over 40 MUNs in the capacity of being an Executive Member, delegate and member of the OC. His specialisation likes in Disarmament and Military based committees and he also has a special inclination towards Crisis committees wherein he likes to topple governments, start wars and basically likes to end conflicts by starting new ones. Besides MUNs, he is a metal music fanatic which is suprising considering his appearance of a peaceful Sufi singer. If you are coming to his committee, expect subtle, clever responses to no matter what you throw at him.