Joint Crisis Committee Axis

The Joint Crisis Committee (JCC) is a simulation of the war cabinets of the Allies and the Axis Powers, during the Second World War. The Allies wished to defeat the Axis and establish peace, but did peace mean the same to the Axis? With three days to restore order, time is the common enemy.


The Phoney War

Character Matrix

Executive Board


Aravind Narayan


Aravind is a final year Mechanical Engineering student from KCG College of Technology. A debating and oratorical enthusiast in his school days, he graduated to MUNs with the UNHRC at HYLC 2015. With a taste for aggressive speeches coupled with a keen sense of argument construction, Aravind found his calling in military committees and war cabinets. He is known for his knowledge in the domain of weapons, military operations and its spending, and has exhibited the same in some of the best conferences across the country. Aravind will be serving as the Secretary General of the Hindustan Young Leaders Conference (HYLC) 2018.With a sprinkle of style in every statement, Aravind has put his linguistic talents to test in various speech competitions, recently winning an all expenses paid trip to Japan, thereby upholding traditions of debate circles from KCG. He holds firm belief that honing one's skills in the art of speaking takes as long as aging a blended scotch whisky. When not invested in any form of debating, Aravind is known for gracing the fields of singing, theatrics and participating in SUPRA, an event that involves building and racing a car(yes, that's right).


Sarbhanu Nath


Hello, my name is Sarbhanu Nath. The history of the world has intrigued me ever since I was a little child and that passion later expanded to include international politics when I grew older. It was these passions, which prompted me to enter the world of Model UN way back in 2009. I can count myself among the old veterans of the Calcutta MUN circuit. I also happen to be one of the founding members of the third oldest MUN in my city. Since then I’ve travelled across the length and breadth of the country and outside India as well for the purpose of MUNs. It is quite a privilege to be on board for SRM Model United Nations 2018 along with the rest of the team and I look forward to some quality debate and politicking over the course of the conference.


Varun Tripathi


Varun is a 4th year engineering student from SRM university,ktr. Known for his cool,calm and collected demeanor, he started doing MUNs in his 1st year at college and has been consistent ever since.His sheer zest to debate and get his opinions across the table has helped him in the circuit. Varun has majorly done crisis committees ,security councils and special session committees.He will be serving as the director for JCC Axis.