The Legacy

A Model United Nations conference is an academic simulation of the United Nations. MUNs aim to create a dialogue when it comes to the most pressing issues of the global arena while creating a new line of young leaders. The modular structure of the UN is followed, as each body is simulated as a separate committee, and each committee has its own mandate.
An MUN is a whole world apart from a debate competition, because it is not enough to come up with a good argument. As the participants shall be representing different countries (or personalities), they shall also be judged on their diplomacy and their ability to lobby and work in groups to find common ground. The topics or agendas that are put up for discussion, like all international issues, are rarely binary.


Ever since its inception in 2011, SRM MUN has evolved into this mammoth of a brand in South Asia that has stood for quality despite the quantity. The transformation has been a steady process, and here we are. SRM MUN 2013 saw a footfall of 400 delegates, which has now grown to 930 in 2017. The team behind SRM MUN is constantly innovating, and our expansive list of committees stands a testament to the same. A few notable flagships from the past include: the International Court of Justice, United Nations High Level Political Forum, and United Nations Senior Management Group.
With this in mind, it gives us immense pleasure and honour in welcoming you all to the seventh edition of SRM MUN – the MUN that has conjured up a sublime balance of quantity and unwavering quality.
The legacy of SRM MUN is the banner of the delegation and the people of SRM. These brilliant young minds work towards victory, by tactfully organising and training as a close-knit delegation. While the long list of individual awards may bore you, here are a few conferences where the Legacy lifted the Best Delegation trophy: SRM-R MUN 2016, SSN MUN 2016, SRM-V MUN 2017, SRM-R MUN 2017, SSN MUN 2017, BITS MUN 2017 (Hyderabad). We believe that the spirit of MUNs lies in winning together, and thus, this team has become one to look out for. With the will to persevere, world domination may or may not be on the cards.