Nuclear Suppliers Group

The Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) takes the front wheel in curbing the proliferation of nuclear weapons. It seeks to do so by keeping track of exports related to the fuel and the technology that are required for building weapons. Fission cannot affect this union.


1) Feasibility of admission of non-NPT states.

2) Review and reinforcement of nuclear export controls with emphasis on dual-use technology. 

Country Matrix

Executive Board


Vaibhav KN


Vaibhav started MUNing since his 8th grade with wins in almost every MUN he has attended, Vaibhav KN (a.k.a Vaibabe/ Kn) is one of the most versatile MUNers you will find in the southern circuit. He is in his final year pursuing chemical engineering,and has a long history with MUNs.You will always find him encouraging spirited competition and quality debate and is someone who does a lot of public speaking with ease. He has been involved in conducting various workshops for communication and public speaking. Apart from public speaking, his interests include a variety of things from entrepreneurship to sports(#ktbffh).


Jaivignesh Jayakumar


Jaivignesh Jayakumar, better known as JV is a multipotentialite. His thirst for knowledge knows no bounds; be it world politics or that seemingly insignificant tiny hole in the window of aeroplanes: he knows it all. His strategy is to stay five steps ahead, regardless of the room or the people. JV believes in the importance of rigorous research and diplomacy, and this particular skill set has helped him carve a niche for himself in the MUN circuit in a span of just one year. He is currently serving as the Vice President (Substantive and External Affairs) for VIT MUN Society, where he continues to train and innovate. This workaholic also happens to be a perfectionist. With all the Batarang prototypes and UAVs waiting to be built, he continues to push the boundaries by shattering every “Why?” with a “Why not?”.


Aditya Vadagave


A native of Pune and a 2nd year IT student, he has a considerable amount of experience in MUNing having done 10 MUNs across the Chennai, Pune and Mumbai circuits. A gaming addict, he is married to Rainbow Six Siege, and would probably also take your head off if anything is said about Shin Chan. And of course, he is a vociferous debater and a public speaker and loves to read on Space and Interstellar missions. Being Marathi, he adores Sachin beyond measure too.