Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

The Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is a global forum that unifies the voices of Muslims around the world. Founded in 1969, the decision to materialise this body was a monumental one. The organisation aims to promote peace and resolve disputes between member states. The primary goal is to demystify and bring to light the true values of Islam.


The Intricacies of Political Mobilization and Stigmatization within the members of the OIC

Country Matrix

Executive Board


Neel Duttaroy

Secretary General

Neel Duttaroy is a graduate from H.L College of Commerce, Ahmedabad and is currently pursuing his Masters in Politics and International Relations from Central University of Gujarat. He has a vast pool of knowledge of various domains and cultures and has been a part of MUNs since for a long time in various capacities such as Executive Board, Advisor and Secretary General and is known for hosting conferences which has been substantively very strong. He believes that Model UN stimulations help students in various ways and helps the fraternity get a cutting edge. He looks forward to SRM MUN 2018.


Samarth Kapur

Deputy Secretary General

Samarth Kapur is a VITC and AIESEC alumnus, currently working in the Research and Development Wing of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Bangalore. Introduced to the concept of Model United Nations Conferences in his 2nd year, he has attended over 30 conferences in the capacity of a delegate and Moderator. He has served on the Executive Board for a wide range of committees’ vis-à-vis WHO; UNEP; OIC; UNSC, DISEC and Arab League continue to be his favourite picks. Since the beginning he has considered MUNs a way to boost one’s awareness about the pressing global issues and a process which helps in improving self-confidence and losing stage fear.


Hariharan T Parameshwaran


Hariharan T Parameshwaran is a 3rd year Mechanical student from SRM University. An avid MUNner and a debater, he has been a part of debates and MUNs since 9th grade and has participated in a number of MUNs and debates. Apart from being a passionate quizzer, he binges on TV, movies and food.